Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS

Of late, digital marketing is evolving new trends and techniques. Mobile marketing is one such important pillar of digital marketing. Bulk SMS service is the base of mobile marketing. It refers to reaching out to a previously chosen set of customers.

The service includes sending personalized messages to a large set of recipients. The messages may be of a different nature. It might be sending a one-time password or it might be sending an important notification. You can use it as a form of promotion of your business by wishing them on the festivals. The service includes Mobile campaigning for other purposes.

Bulk SMS provides a solution to multiple problems in interacting with your customers effectively. To send a large number of messages, you will be in need of a mobile application, a web interface, and a software program. You will have to use the SMS gateway of the service provider. The gateway maintains a connection with the mobile provider company and the service provider. You just have to abide by the regulatory rules of sending messages in your country.


As a growing form of digital marketing, bulk SMS is becoming popular. From larger corporations to small scale businesses, everyone is keen to tap on the benefits of Bulk SMS. The first benefit it provides is cost-effectiveness. The second most important thing is its wide reach to the customers. That too within a fraction of a second. This gives rise to a high return of investments. With bulk SMS service you can send the messages to a highly targeted audience who has already consented to receive notifications from you.

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